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It's been a while since I last had commission information up in an easy-to-see location, and it's also been long enough that my info sheet from last time was in desperate need of being updated. After asking around amongst my friends that do commissions more regularly, I think I've got a decent set-up now. 


:bulletblue: I will draw - fanart [from OCs to canon characters], non-fandom OCs; my specialties are things from robots to object heads to surreal/fantasy characters and things in between. I'll give a shot at drawing pretty much anything, but know that I'm not good at drawing humans. Their faces at least. I can draw humanoid things, but as far as plain old humans? I'm not that good at them and would rather not, or at least as long as their faces are visible. I might do some positioning so that the faces aren't part of the focus.

:bulletblue: I will not draw - porn, excessive gore, fetish art such as vore and inflation; like I said above I'm not good at drawing humans and would rather not, but that's negotiable.

:bulletblue: For all the different listings that have 'color' in their title, there is an option of flat color and color with shading. Shading will cost an additional amount, which is already stated down with the pricing. But whatever you decide, be sure to tell me if you want flat colors or shading!

:bulletblue: I take a little time when working on commissions. I generally can't do them in one sitting, and I do have things like an offline job, moving, and figuring out school and career things that take up my time. I try to make commissions a priority and I do keep the commissioner up to date with the progress, to let them know that I am working on it and not just sitting on my ass and procrastinating.

:bulletblue: Payment is accepted via Paypal; my Paypal address is It can either be given before or after the commission is finished, in increments or all together; I don't have a preference as to which. Whichever is easier for you.

:bulletblue: If you're interested in me doing a commission for you, contact me via the notes system here on dA and I'll see what I can do.


1. xxxBrokenSoulxxx - full-body sketch [2 characters + coloring; shading] finished!
2. starsteed - full-body sketch [2 characters + coloring; shading]
3. Mecha-Katt - sketch page finished!
4. Vshihan - sketch page
5. [open]


Head Busts - $5 each

Head Busts Colors - $10 each [+ $5 for shading]

9 - scribbles by Acrosanti TF - Crossbar doodles by Acrosanti Crutch revisit by Acrosanti air pirates - Altair sketches by Acrosanti

Full Body Sketch - $15

 + $10 for every additional character

puppy love by Acrosanti

Full Body Sketch Colors -  $30 [$35 if cleaned-up, digital line art] [+$10 for shading]

 + $10 for every additional character

TF - kids lineup by Acrosanti TFP - Astro [tiny edit] by Acrosanti my little Merrow by Acrosanti Fleur Skellington by Acrosanti Minecraft - Geth [isolated image] by Acrosanti

Sketch Page - varies; generally $25-45 [depending on amount of sketches / color and/or shading wanted; will be treated as a mix of busts and/or full-body sketches depending on specifications]

little red-family stitchdump by Acrosanti TFP - Centrifuge sketches by Acrosanti TFP - Budgiewave by Acrosanti

Full Scenes/bgs - $45

 + 15 for additional characters

the only one by Acrosanti TFP - subdued by Acrosanti it's just me [commission] by Acrosanti TFP - hello bird [trade] by Acrosanti TFP - hiding by Acrosanti

Reference Sheet - $80

reference - Croix by Acrosanti reference - Murdock by Acrosanti reference - Tau by Acrosanti

Character Design - $100

TF - MTMTE Astro by Acrosanti reference - Orville by Acrosanti TFP - mantisbot doodles by Acrosanti salem by Acrosanti a couple Acropunk adoptables [details in desc.] by Acrosanti

 - most of the previous examples also work as examples of characters I have designed myself. If you click the thumbnail and it says trade/commission somewhere in the title, then it's not something I designed. For more, really just wander through my dA gallery and/or my art tag on tumblr for more examples.

I also take plushie commissions, but they are currently on hold because we're in the middle of moving and we have to keep the house clean at all times, and making plushies can be a bit of a mess. Right now the only type of plushie commissions I have a post up for are Snugglebugs of stitchpunk characters based off of Shane Acker's 9 movie, but sometimes in the future I'll be opening up to other types. When that happens I'll make a separate post for them and simply link to it in this journal. 


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